First Visit

Your first visit will be a thorough evaluation followed by a discussion of our findings. So that we can properly prepare you, we typically do not schedule initial exams and treatment on the same day; we want to make sure you have all the information you need, and that all of your questions are answered prior to any treatment being provided. With the information obtained from this visit we will work with your dentist to customize a treatment plan that is most appropriate for you.   We would like you to be aware that there is a fee associated with your first visit. If you would like more information about that please contact us.

Preparation for your first visit

Please complete your online patient registration form prior to your first appointment (click here for online patient registration). It is important that you list any medications, allergies or other pertinent information that could affect your dental care.

We will need current periodontal x-rays in order to properly assess your needs. If your referring dentist has taken x-rays, we will request that they be forwarded to us.

Please continue to see your general dentist while undergoing treatment at our office so that your restorative needs continue to be addressed.

We are available to respond to your concerns and encourage you to ask questions at any time. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!